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North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory


The observatory provides a variety of comfortable accommodation, including guest house, hostel and camping area, and a shop with groceries and other goods for visitors to the island.

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Visitors can buy a variety of groceries at the observatory. There is also a small shop at the airfield. More about the NRBO Shop. Camping space is available near the observatory, with use of the hostel kitchen and washing facilities. All meals can be provided if required in the ObsCafe Restaurant & Bar.

The Island

NRBO was established in 1987 to study and record the migrant birds that pass through Orkney's most northerly island each year. The number and variety of birds that arrive here on migration in Spring and Autumn can be spectacular, and North Ronaldsay is well-known as one of the best birdwatching sites in the country. More about the island. North Ronaldsay sheep are a rare breed, which live almost the whole year on the beach, eating seaweed. There is an annual sheep festival.


North Ronaldsay is justly famous for the rare birds which turn up there. It is one of the best places in Britain for birding. More about the birds. Seals are abundant on and around the island, and from time to time killer whales can be seen, as well as rarer marine mammals. Apart from wildlife, other attractions include a working woolen mill, one of Britain's tallest lighthouses, golf course, museum, and occasional ceilidhs and traditional folk music sessions.